Monday, November 19, 2007

Why Start A Home Based Business?

Why should you start a home based business? The real question is why not? Home based businesses are quickly becoming the next big thing. Many savvy business professionals and business owners are beginning to see the true value of starting a home based business. Yes it is true there are some less than reputable home based business companies out there but for the most part many home based business companies are solid and reputable. Now yes you may be thinking I already earn a 6 figure income at my job, so why do I need a home based business? I will go into that further in the next paragraph.

So you maybe taking in a nice chunk of change from your job right now but the job market is risky. Why is the job market risky? First off you have no control what so ever. You can be laid off for any reason, at anytime. With companies downsizing and exporting our jobs overseas, having a job is like playing russia roulette daily. You may think I am crazy but having a job is crazy in this market. Large corporations see their employees as numbers. Here are two things to consider. First normally when you have a job you must work your way up the corporate ladder. It's called seniority. So getting laid off can be devastating especially when you are older and have to take a new job and start at the bottom, with a huge paycut. Another important fact to consider is this, life is about leverage. When you only have one form of income coming in, you are not leveraging your life. Your life is completely out of balance. Think about this if you are relying solely on the income from your job. The income from your job is supporting your home, family, car, bills, food and anything else you can think of. If you lose that sole source of income you are done.

Now I'm not saying to quit your job, what I am saying is it makes complete sense to begin to build other sources of income besides just your job and home based businesses are great places to start. Just in case that day does come, you will be prepared and not be like a deer caught in the headlights.

This article was written by Aaron Aldama a successful entrepreneur. For more info visit Money Talks

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