Thursday, December 13, 2007

Starting A Home Business From Scratch

Building a home business from scratch can be a daunting task, especially for a person with no previous business experience. Not having any business experience should not stop you from pursing a home business from scratch. There are going to be many things you will need to setup for your home business. Remember you can always join a home business opportunity and let them take care of all the headache work for you. The choice is yours. Once you have your home business up and running the rewards will be well worth it.

Well first you need something to offer. You need a service, product, or item. For example I know many stay at home moms who set up home day care businesses. Needless to say these home day care businesses are very profitable. So first find your niche, and then build around it. Your home business can be based around anything you like. Get creative and use your imagination. I read a story about a girl in high school who built a home business designing myspace templates for her friends in her spare time. The small home business she started is now a multi-million dollar company. Many major corporations were built in someone's basement, garage, or bedroom. Like Dell and Amazon. As long as their is a market for it, you can sell it.

Next you will need to setup your merchant accounts because you will need to accept payments. Be sure to deal with reputable companies because online fraud is huge. You want your customers and your home business to be protected and if your website gets hacked, it could really ruin your home business. It also helps if you are able to accept all types of credit cards. Only accepting certain credit or debit cards will lose you business. Another account to setup is a Paypal business account. Many customers shopping online will feel much more secure paying through Paypal instead of having to type in their card numbers on your website.

There are other things you will need to setup with your home business like customer service support, your refund policy, packaging and shipping, and getting the required licenses,if needed. But we will focus on something a little more important. Why? Because you could have the perfect home business setup, with the perfect website but if you do not have a consistent flow of customers it will all be for nothing.

So the question becomes how are you going to market your home business? Are you going to market your home business online? What is your monthly marketing budget? Marketing your home business is huge, you cannot afford to not market your home business. If you have the money I would even suggest hiring a professional marketing company to market your home business for you.

These are just a few of things you will need when starting a home business. The key thing is to remember, marketing is vital for your home business. All the other stuff is needed but marketing gives your home business life.
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Should I Love My Home Business?

Here is a common problem I see with many home business owners. They end up falling in love with whatever home business, product or service they are marketing. Now I am not knocking anyone who is in love with their home business. You know whatever floats your boat. But being too emotional about your home business can actually hurt your business. And I will also go into some other home business practices I find to be worthless. First you should believe in your home business and have confidence in marketing it to the masses. But you must understand your home business is a vehicle used to get you from point A to point B. Your home business is being used to help you reach whatever goal or dream you have in life. Just like if you fly from Los Angeles to New York City you do not have to love the plane in order to take the trip. The plane is just used to take you from point A to point B just like your home business. You owe no loyalty to one company and you should not feel tied down to one home business opportunity. Remember home businesses are just vehicles to take you to your goals in life, that's it nothing more. You do not have to be loyal to one home business, you should create multiple streams of income with many different home businesses.

The next gimmick I see is home business meetings where everyone is cheering and chanting. I remember my first MLM meeting and I remember walking in and thinking everyone was on something. After a few meetings I realized most of the crowd was broke and just trying to fake the funk. You do not have to cheer and chant in order to be successful at your home business. Building a home business should not be like joining a cult. Your home business should be run like a business. And in business results matter not hype.

You should take this approach to your recruiting efforts as well. Do not let anyone join your downline who does not meet your standards. Do a screening process before you allow anyone to work with you. The reasons for this are plentiful. First off this is YOUR HOME BUSINESS, treat it as such. You only want quality people around you, take nothing less. If you do happen to take on a bad apple it could ruin your team and will drain your energy. I make it clear to anyone joining my team that I am available for support but I am not here to be a babysitter. I make it clear that this is their business and they must work in order to make it a success. Keep your relationships with your team at a professional level, period. You need to make it clear this is a business, and we are here to help grow our business, that's it. If you do start personal relationships with your team, you will see your profits dwindle and much of your time will be used playing team psychologist's instead making your home business grow.

This may seem a little too cutthroat but you must understand you cannot allow anyone to waste your time or energy. And especially when running a home business you will run across all types of characters. You must run a tight ship in order to be successful in your home business and you must understand home businesses make it possible for you to live out your financial dreams, so it is always great to have more than one.
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Is Running A Home Business All That And A Bag Of Chips?

Of course it is! Running a home business is one of the great ways a person with little or no business experience can build a great financial future for themselves and their family. Think about it for a small fee you can become licensed to sell a product and receive all the advantages big corporate businesses have. That is what I call leverage. Home businesses give any person, anywhere, a chance to create a better life for themselves. Home businesses also give you great tax deductions and incentives. Any person can start and build successful home business for themselves. You do not need a college education, or even a high school education for that matter. No matter what sex, race, or religion you are a home business opportunity can be taken advantage of by anyone.

Think about it. To start a traditional business your costs will be in the thousands. If you wanted to start a restaurant you first need the startup money. So you would have to apply for a business loan or you may have the money but you are looking at least 30k just to start the restaurant up. Then you would have to setup all the legal paperwork, insurance for employees and customers, find a location, and other business expenses. And all of this is before you have even made your first dollar. It would at least take you 1 to 2 years to begin to have a return on your investment. with a home business you have none of that stuff to deal with. You sign up, setup your marketing campaigns and start selling.

Next if you want to start a franchise you will first need them money. Like for instance a McDonald's franchise/restaurant sells for about 1 million. And most major franchises will not even talk to you unless you have a certain number of years running a successful business.

The tax advantages of running a home business are awesome. First did you know whether or not you are earning money with your home business you can still write off losses with your home business . And save money on your earned income(the income you earn from a job). The next thing to realize is running a home business is different than being a employee or self employee. I'd hate to break it to you but there are different tax laws for the different types of income you make. As an employee or self employee you are highly limited to what you can write off. But as a home business owner the sky is the limit. Get this a majority of your expenses as a home business owner will be paid with pretax dollars, the government does not take taxes out like they do from your paycheck. And if you're incorporated you even get to decide when you want to pay taxes for the following year. Also be sure to hire a good CPA to prepare and file your taxes, and get this the cost for your CPA is a tax deduction.

Starting a home business makes complete sense. These are just a few of the reasons why running a home business can be so lucrative and profitable.
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Home Business Owners Are Failing To Reach Business Success

Many home business owners are failing to have business success. There is an alarming stat which shows 90% of home business owners are not making any money. Many home business owners quit do to fact that they cannot make any money with their home business at all. Why are home business owners failing to have any real business success? Well I will go over a few of the reasons most home business owners are not having any business success . If you are one of the home business owners who has not had any success, do not worry I will give you a few tips in the link below to help you have some business success. One important fact to remember is this, home business success does not come over night,you will have to build your home business. Just because you are running a home business does not mean your home business will not have the ups and downs other businesses face.

First I will focus on the MLM type of home business. Now MLM's are a tough sell and for a very good reason. First if you are in a MLM you need a product, if there is no product then it is a pyramid, plain and simple. Next you will need to recruit a downline. Most MLM companies teach you to market to your warm market which is insane. Maybe you will have a few signups but that is no way to build a downline. Most of the time what happens is you go tell a close friend or relative to come to a workshop and from there you hear nothing but negative feedback. If you still haven't quit yet you may be told to go to malls, colleges, and door to door to recruit new members. Which will not land you anywhere. Normally the last step is to start buying leads which is not very effective at all either. See here is the problem for the average home business owner joining an MLM. In order to be effective you need to sponsor huge masses of people, the average MLM owner does not have a clue on how to prospect this many recruits. Most MLMers are focusing on recruiting maybe a coulple of new signups a week if that. The turnover rate in MLM is extremely high and maintaining an active downline can prove to be very difficult.

Now home business owners who are selling products fare much better than MLMers. Why? When people purchase a product they are not purchasing it with the intent to make money. They purchasing your product for the information, item or service it provides. And as long as you can show your potential customer the benefit your item, service or product will have, you will make sales. Trying to build a huge downline is very possible but you must prior experience or it will take you sometime. With a lot of trial and error. So instead of trying to build a downline first focus on selling your home business products. Build yourself a loyal customer base and then when you have cashflow coming in, you can start to build a downline and you will find you will have more business success.
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