Monday, November 19, 2007

Online Turnkey Business Opportunity, Does It Exist?

Does an online turnkey business opportunity really exist? There are all types of these offers that popup everywhere online. When you join this type of online business you are banking that the system will do a majority of the work for you. Many of these online turnkey businesses promise they will build a down line for you or even in some cases sell your products for you. People normally believe when something is too good to be true it normally is. Yes that is true to a certain extent. Two things that I find to be true are you cannot get something for nothing and easy come easy go. So does an online turnkey business opportunity exist, well yes and no.

First off I have not found any online business opportunity that will build your organization for you, just because you signed up. If a company were to promise me this, I would get my checkbook and run the other way. I have seen many desperate salespeople promise the world just to get a sale or a signup. Then when they under deliver on their promise, they leave behind bitter and angry partners. Then these partners let everyone in the world know how they were conned into a business opportunity. And technically they were duped but in life you normally don't get something for nothing. If you are lucky enough to get something for nothing, then easy come easy go normally comes into effect. I was in Las Vegas with a couple of old military buddies (and of course the wife) and one of my friends began to play craps. He started playing with 100 hundred dollars of his own money, 4 hours later he walked away with a little over 8 grand. By the time we left Las Vegas he had lost the 8 grand plus 2 grand of his own money. As they say easy come easy go.

Here is why I believe an online turnkey business opportunity does work. First where else can you start a business for so cheap. Even if your online business costs 2,000 dollars to start you are still getting off cheap. There are many online affiliate programs that are even free. Next I believe that if you work consistently towards building your online business, there will come a day when you will not have to work it and it will just build itself.

There are many online turnkey businesses out there, none of them will do the work for you. You must apply yourself and build your online business. Remember you most likely will not get something for nothing and if you do then easy come easy go comes into play. Think about that the next time you are about to join an online turnkey business opportunity.
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