Monday, November 19, 2007

Becoming Rich Is A Plan

Becoming rich is a plan and that is it. There is nothing more or nothing less. It is very simple and straightforward. You want to be rich? Create a solid plan and follow that plan everyday until you are rich. Now you may wonder if it is so easy why doesn't everyone do it? And that is a great question. We will cover that in this article.

First off most people have the wrong idea on what it takes to become rich. Many people think becoming rich is exciting because they watch too many movies. When in reality any person and I mean any person can become rich. It doesn't matter if you haven't graduated from college, high school, or even grade school. All that matters is you have a solid plan. It doesn't matter how old you are or how young you are. Nor does it matter what race or sex you are, money does not discriminate. So if you are not rich yet the only the thing stopping you is you.

Now why is not everyone rich? Simple first off most people are following bad or outdated plans. For instance go to school , get a high paying job and let your company take care of you, is a plan. It is not a very good plan for becoming rich but it is still a plan. Next when people do have a plan in place they do not have the self discipline in place to follow that plan out until the end. For instance someone joins a solid home based business and because they have not made a million dollars in 3 months they quit. This is what a majority of people do which is why most people will never become rich even though it is very simple.

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