Monday, November 19, 2007

Perfect Wealth Formula

Is there such a thing as The Perfect Wealth Formula ? Good question. First let me explain what The Perfect Wealth Formula is. The Perfect Wealth Formula is a method for anyone to follow to become rich or wealthy. Now does such a formula exist? Many so called gurus will try to sell you on the fact that they have The Perfect Wealth Formula. So let's look into this a little deeper.

Now granted there are proven ways to build wealth. But a one size fits all wealth formula,I don't know about that. Many of these so called Perfect Wealth Formulas just offer a one size fits all mentality.

So what would a Perfect Wealth Formula include. Well first it would not be some fly by night get rich scheme. It would have to be a well thought out plan. If you hear anything about getting rich overnight turn and run. The Perfect Wealth Formula would have to be a process not a get rich quick business. The Perfect Wealth Formula would have to have a plan or business plan in which you could do day in and out. It would just be a simple process, that's it. Many people believe in order to be rich or wealthy you need a high tech plan which involves a lot of confusing terms and plans. When looking for your Perfect Wealth Formula, Keep It Stupid Simple. Making money should not be confusing, it should just be a simple plan you should follow daily.

So overall remember there is no one way to build wealth. Everyone has a different method. You will need a simple plan, if the plan is too confusing don't do it. Following the plan to become rich is actually pretty boring and simple. When following your Perfect Wealth Formula do not expect it to be exciting, normally the formula will consist of the same action daily.
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