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Paying For Advertising For Your Home Business

So you just started your home business. Most likely you have gotten an affiliate web site with your own unique affiliate number. Now the hard part begins, you now have to drive people to your affiliate site and you may not have a clue on how to do that. There are many different ways to drive traffic to your site. We will cover a different variety of advertising you could you use to help you build your home business. Now of course some ways are a lot more effective than others. So I have good news and bad news. The good news is you can make a very nice income from building your home business. The bad news is it will take work and you will have to come out of your comfort zone in order to build your home business. With that being said let's get started.

The most common way most online home business owners are marketing is by using classified ads like Craigslist. This is the least effective way to market your home business. Posting in classified ads does not work,period. It is a complete waste of time. If you don't take my word for it, go ahead and try it. The reason this is so ineffective is because everyone is posting their home business ads there. When you post in classified ads you pretty much have to hope and pray your ads will get results.

Next people use traffic exchanges and safe lists to market their home business. This is also very ineffective. You may get some results but the results will not be worth your time or money. Once again everyone is using these methods and most of the time your home business is not going to grow using traffic exchanges and safe lists.

Now PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is another common way to market. Now PPC can be very effective but you must either have a large advertising budget or have lots of experience in using PPC. Many companies normally spend 10,000 a month on PPC alone. So you must have a nice budget in order to market this way.Or you can hire an expert and let them run your PPC campaign for you. Either way spending anything less than 500 a month on PPC is most likely going to be a waste.

Organic SEO is probably your best bet when advertising on the Internet. Here is the only drawback with using organic SEO, first you must know what you are doing and it takes consist effort to reach the top of the search engines. Yes you could hire a SEO company to drive traffic to your web site but be sure to do your due dilligence on the company. There are many SEO companies out there who are frauds.

When it comes to advertising be sure you are able to track your results. You must be able to tell what is working for you and what is not working for you. These are just a few things to look out for when starting your home business.

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Home Business Houston-Home Based Business – Wannabe's Survival Guide:Part 2

Home Business Houston-Home Based Business – Wannabe's Survival Guide:Part 2

Online marketing and in particular, direct sales is one oftoday's fastest growing industries. It's an honorable businessthat's filling a great demand while providing a far better thanaverage income for those who persevere and desire to succeed.Sadly, because there are large sums of money being earned inthis industry it will inevitably attract a selection of scumbagsand bottom feeders who'll use their dubious talents to takeadvantage of people.

In my previous article, Home Based Business – Wannabe'sSurvival Guide I outlined three useful guidelines a marketingnewbie can use to avoid be taken to the cleaners when lookingfor an online business opportunity. I'd now like to expand onthose guidelines and provide a greater detail on what to lookfor when you research a company, its products and marketingsystem. Sooner or later you will have to trust your gut instinctto tell you if you're on the right track but by following thisadvice, you can save time, your hard earned money and avoid manyof the common mistakes.

CHECK THE FINE PRINTClick on the company's website. Check outtheir vision and mission statements. Do they even have one?What's their long-term vision for growth? This may soundinsignificant but any legitimate company will take this veryseriously. They will go out of their way to show that they areabove the majority and have definite substance and appeal bylaying their out their cards for you to see.

Do a web search to check for bad publicity. Any company willhave complaints (there are certainly unscrupulous folks who willinvent "scam" claims in order to lure you away from legitimateopportunities to whatever they have for sale so please beware).But bad publicity will kill a company in short order so look forpatterns of complaints. If there's a history of bad publicity,it's likely for a good reason.

Here's an instant red flag for you. If your prospectivecompany's headquarters are located offshore in the Caribbean orPanama, this is likely done for a specific reason and thatreason may not include benefits to your business.

BE A PRODUCT OF THE PRODUCTI mentioned this in the previousarticle, but it bears restating; check out the products to makesure they're legitimate stand alone products. If it's not aproduct you would purchase without the marketing system behindit – DON'T BUY IN!! Again, think long term sales and profits.Would you feel good buying this product if it was just theproduct? If the answer's no, it's a money game not a legitimatebusiness and your chances of success just plummeted.

You know you're probably on the right track when you find acompany that makes its revenue strictly from the sale of itsproducts. If your prospective company spends more time andresources pushing incidental items like lead sales than it doesits products; if they have large monthly charges for things likeduplicated websites; or if they are big on pushing you into"alliances" with partners where they get a cut of the action,chances are the products are not their main focus and neither isyour success. You have every right to ask blunt questions aboutwho's getting your money. If you're not satisfied with theanswer, tell them to take a hike. There are too many goodcompanies online to waste your time and effort dealing withshadows, hype and promises. At the very least demand to talk toa few of their consultants who've been with them for severalmonths to get the inside track. Check out the training andsupport offered to get an idea of the culture of the company.Keep in mind that a company that sells you their product upfront and offers little in the way of continuing training andsupport after the fact has already made a profit from you andmight be more inclined to move on to the next pigeon rather thanfocus on you.

MONEY IN YOUR POCKETMy advice is to avoid any company thatmakes you pass up the first few sales before you receivecommissions. This goes back to the fact that once they and yoursponsoring consultant have your cash, they're less likely to bethere for you. Remember, this is your new career and you have tothink long term. Just like the companies, if you're seriousabout long term growth you want to look after your customersbecause they're your source of residual profits for years tocome.

The financial and lifestyle benefits of a successful onlinehome based business are outstanding The bottom line is if youcan find a company with great products, a solid financialfoundation and a vision for the future combined with alegitimate compensation plan that allows you to earn what youfeel your effort is worth, you should pursue it with everythingyou have. It will be the last position you will ever have.

In the WANNABE'S SURVIVAL GUIDE PART 3 I will outline areasonable cost for starting an online home based business andthe vital mental requirements of being successful in thisbusiness. As former New York Yankee great Yogi Berra once said.90% of this game is half mental. It's not harshly difficult tomake a lot of money as an online marketing entrepreneur, butthere are certain similarities the ultra successfulentrepreneurs share and you need to know. I wish you all thebest of success.

About The Author: Adrian McCluskey is an industry leader innetwork marketing and direct sales. He puts his background incommunications and corporate marketing to use by assistingothers to filter through the myriad of "Can't Miss"opportunities to find a legitimate online business model thatwill lead to credible long-term success and a balancedlifestyle. Email Adrian at adrian.successtoget her@gmail. com torequest a Free - No Obligation coaching call to discuss why ahome based business maybe the right opportunity for you. He'slaid back, knowledgeable and easy to talk to.http://www.success- together. com

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