Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why do 90% of All Home Based Businesses Fail?

Why do 90 percent of all home based businesses fail? The answer is
simple, most home based businesses fail because the people who run the
businesses lack persistence. Yes it is true most people are quitters
and take the easy way out. This is nothing new, which is why about 10
percent of home based businesses take in about 90 percent of the
revenue. If you are struggling with your home based business be sure
to stick with it. There is a quote in Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon
Hill which states "Winners never quit and quitters never win."
For those of you who are planning to call it quits remember you are
not the only one who has had to struggle to make it. How many of you
have seen the movie "Rocky" (with Sylvester Stallone) ? Sylvester
Stallone is now a huge movie star but it always was not so. In order
to get his break in Hollywood, he bought a car for 40 bucks and drove
cross country from New York. And success did not come over night for
him. It took persistence and dedication to make him the successful
actor he is today.

I believe the major reason everyone is not successful in their lives
is because most people quit as soon as the road gets tough. Think
about this, if you are able to survive the ups and downs of running a
home based business you will have a high chance of succeeding. If you
quit you will not have any chance succeeding. This does not only apply
to running a home based business but also applies to pretty much
anything you want to succeed in.

Now you maybe thinking about how to develop persistence. The answer is
easier said than done. Everyday you must do something to help you
achieve your goal. Now at first it may seem easy but trust me it is
not. Maybe you are being overworked at your job, then you may have to
come home and raise your kids and at the end of the day you may not
feel like working your biz. The key is to work your biz everyday no
matter what. You can make excuses in life or you can make money, your
choice. As long as you apply yourself everyday, you will begin to
develop a habit. Once it is a habit running your business will not be
a chore but rather something that you enjoy.

The next thing that can kill your spirit is not seeing any results. It
sucks when you have been building your home based business for months
and have not seen any results. Keep on going, you never know when your
hard work may start to payoff.

Once you are making a living with your home based business you will
never want to do anything else again. Just always remember if you quit
you will never make it. So good luck with your home based business and
always stay persistent.

Why do 90% of All Home Based Businesses Fail? was written by Eric
Fields. For more articles on home based businesses go to

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