Sunday, November 18, 2007

How To Use Traffic Exchanges To Help You Market Your Home-Based Business

Many people use traffic exchanges to try and generate traffic for their home-based business . Yes, they may get lots of views from these traffic exchanges but that is just about it. Just views, no sales. The problem with traffic exchanges is everyone is busy advertising their own business instead of looking for new businesses. So basically you have too many advertisers and no buyers.

In order to use traffic exchanges effectively you must cater to the advertisers. You must offer something that appeals to the advertisers in the traffic exchanges. So here is a simple solution. Create a subscription webpage offering a free course on how to produce better results from traffic exchanges. Then on your thank you page, where you thank them for signing up for your free course, you then present whatever product your home-based business is selling. Or whatever you you are trying to market. It could be a subscription to your newsletter or a free e-book with your links in it. Use your imagination, a thank you page is a great way to market your product. When you have your webpage setup, start to market your course on the traffic exchanges. As for the content for the free course, just relay the same information you learned from this article.
This is very effective. Also if you do not have the tech skills to create the two pages above, you will have to hire someone. It should not cost much since this is very simple to do. This is one of the many different techniques you can use to build your home-based business .
This article was written by Eric Fields. Discover some of the most powerful and breakthrough techniques available to help you market your home-based business.

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