Thursday, September 17, 2009


Blackjack Counting - The History
By Chris Meistre

Black jack counting has enabled players to literally make millions from the casinos over a number of years. There are blackjack counting teams like the Ken Uston, Al Francesco and the Tommy Hyland which earn millions of dollars very easily by simply following a special set of rules. These men aren't geniuses, they are ordinary men. There was a book written by Ken Uston called "Blackjack team play" in which a new term called Million Dollar Blackjack was introduced. The concepts of team play are also covered in the book. With their techniques and with team playing they are able to successfully manipulate casinos into beating them at Blackjack.

The book of Ken Uston encourages the growth of the blackjack counting teams, and hammers on the fact ath anyone can be successful at black jack counting. The casinos are aware of this popularity which has made the operation of these teams very hard. Individual blackjack counting can still be successfully applied. Francesco and Hyland shifted to a different blackjack counting called "ace sequencing".

They include techniques to spot the card at the bottom in a shuffle. They will then cut the deck very expertly. The casinos had it more difficult now. The members of these teams were arrested for team play at Casino Windsor. The judge ruled that the conduct was not cheating. This is an important ruling and blackjack counting was not considered an offense.

This however was a very difficult technique to master, and therefore today we have a lot simpler black jack counting techniques available to us.

Chris Meistre

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