Friday, January 4, 2008

Home Based Businesses

Running multiple home based businesses can be a great way for you to achieve the freedom you have always wanted. Many people fail to take full advantage of the perks offered by having a home based business. Having your own home based businesses can make you extremely wealthy. Wealthy is not being rich, they are two different things. Many focus on just becoming rich when in fact being wealthy is what you should strive for. What is the difference between the two? Simple being rich is measured in money and being wealthy is measured in time. The way to measure your wealth is this, if I were to lose my job today how long would I be able to survive with my current lifestyle? Do you see the difference? If not do not worry I will go into more detail in this article.

You see you must think of your finances in terms of what is relative to you. Do not think about anyone else's finances, just focus on your own. I hear many people say if I could only make an extra $10,000 a month or if I had an extra $50,000 dollars, all of my financial problems would be solved. A majority of the time this is completely false. See a majority of the time when people make more money their expenses go up and they are right back to where they were when they first started. The only difference then is they are making more money. This is what I call focusing on being rich. When you hear people brag about how much money they make or have, you have to remember it only tells half of the story. Let me give you a little example.

Let's say Tom was making $50,000 dollars a year working for XYB company. Tom's expenses were around $65,000 a year. Tom figured if he could get a raise at his job, all of his financial problems would be solved. Tom finally got his raise, a whopping $150,000 dollars a year at XYB company.

As soon as Tom received his promotion he felt like he had to keep up with the times and he realized the taxes were pretty high for that bracket. So he decided to buy a big house and a nice sports car. Before Tom knew it he was back to living in debt. He was spending $200,000 a year and only bringing in $150,000 a year. He was back to the same place he was before, so like most people he figured he needed a another bigger raise.

Now is the typical lifestyle many people today are dreaming about. What is wrong with this? Everything is wrong with this. What were to happen if Tom were to lose his job? Due to company downsizing or if his job were to be exported overseas. Tom would be done and would most likely have to settle for a huge paycut working somewhere else. If you don't believe me visit your local unemployment office.

Now if Tom were wealthy he would not have to worry about this. Your wealth is determined by this, if you were to never work another job again, how long could you live your current lifestyle with the money in your savings account or the income from your assets? If you could only live 6 months without working then your wealth is only good for 6 months. I'll let you in on a little secret, the reason why the rich get richer is because they spend their time building assets which produce money for them. So they never have to work for money.

Building a home business is a perfect example of building a valuable asset for yourself. Many people have no assets what so ever, all they have is a job. Many people consider their house an asset because they can save money on taxes by owning a house. This is completely false because your house does not produce an income. And for those of you who want to make over $170,000 working a job, well the government takes the tax benefits you would normally receive while owning a house.

If you truly want to become wealthy it is simple build assets for yourself. Reinvest your money into more assets and let your money work for you.

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