Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Earn Money At Home

Earn Money At Home - Discover The Benefits Of Avoiding The Technology Trap

By Kenny Edwards

Is it a myth or reality that it's easy to earn money at home?

This is a burning question on many forums and the simple answer is both yes and no

Let me explain

The bad news

The Internet is full of people who are a mile wide and an inch deep - they know a little About a lot, thus they never focus on one task at a time It's like the crazy business man rushing into the airport shouting "give me a ticket, give me A ticket, give me a ticket. The stewardess asks were do they want to go

"It doesn't matter ive got business all over - now that's kind of extreme but you get my point
Most people trying to earn money at home, are always looking for the next great thing to Come along, or the must have product, nothing gets completed; they get frustrated, wonder why they don't make any money, and think the whole internet thing stinks.

So in that respect not only is it not easy it's nearly impossible you will ever make any real money from your efforts

The good news

The key to success is to become an inch wide and a mile deep - learn to know a lot about A little (that's called a niche by the way) and you can and will earn money from home easily.

In a nutshell

Find out what people want And give it to them, with value better than your competition.If you can accomplish this then your online success could be virtually guaranteed

But here comes the hurdle

Most people spend 90% of their time struggling with the technologies and less than 10% on The two most important aspects of marketing - driving targeted traffic to your websites, and Converting that traffic into long term customers.

What if you could reverse this trend so that 90% of your time is spent on promotion and only 10% On dealing with the technologies of ftp, html, squeeze pages, website design, hosting, auto responders,split testing etc etc etc

Now that would be a "smart money website" so to speak

The solution to trying to earn money from home the great news is that there are smart money websites that take away the headache of technology and allow you to focus on promotion.

Ken Edwards currently operates 10 smart money websites, and has a free 27 page report valued at $37 Which details the step by step instructions on how it's done, Available for immediate download (even if it's 2.00am) http://www.postlaunchprofits.net

grab your copy of "how to make big money from home" now while it's still free and start to earn the money at home you deserve.




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