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Home Business Houston-How To Avoid Trouble When You Promote Your Home

Home Business Houston-How To Avoid Trouble When You Promote Your Home

Callow Internet marketers are turning to forums to help themmarket their home business income opportunity on the Internet.Unfortunately, many newbie marketers will return to the sameforum the next day only to find that when they attempt to log inthe have been denied access or that their posting privilegeshave been removed. They may well wonder, "What is going on?" or"What did I do wrong?" It is very likely that your forum posts were considered spam byenough of the other members that an administrator was called into take action and ban you from the network.

The fine line thatexists between legitimate discussion of home business incomeopportunities and spamming is often a heated topic of discussionon the forums themselves and there is no hard and fast answer.Only this morning I was reading a forum review of a certain homebusiness opportunity that included some negative criticisms ofit.

In a reply to the original posting somebody else added apoint-by-point defence of the business opportunity, but becausethat person was an affiliate of the businesses she was defendingher contribution was considered to be out of order by anothermember of the forum. Personally, I felt it was a legitimatedefence and felt I had learned something from both postings.But, as you can see, what is considered legitimate and what isnot is in part a matter of personal interpretation of the rules.

So, in an effort to make it easier for the newbie to avoidgetting hit with accusations of spamming a forum, here is afive-step process.

1. First and foremost, you need to consider what your marketis. In other words, are you looking for people to join thedownline of your affiliate marketing programme, or are youseeking customers for your product? Perhaps you are on thelookout for business opportunity seekers who not only want tobuy your product but also want to earn a regular income from it?Each and every angle requires you to adopt a different approach.In short, you need to write your forum posts with great care andexpertise. Keeping the end in mind will enable you to contributemore effectively to forum threads.

2. Secondly, you need to create a suitable forum persona foryourself. Steer clear of obvious nicknames that will damage yourcredibility and cause other forum participants to roll theireyes. Avoid such obvious follies as "Make-money- losing-weight"or "Healthy-Marketer. " Instead, opt for a reasonable personawith a pleasant or at least inoffensive username, if you do notwant to use your real name.

3. Next, you need to create a profile. This is a greatopportunity to mention your business and the part you play init, but do not turn the forum profile section into a cut andpaste job from your business opportunity or promotional website.There is not a single forum member who will read through alengthy promotional profile.

4. If the forum permits, create a signature. Your signaturewill automatically appear at the foot of each of your forumcontributions. In many forums you are allowed to include a linkto your website in the signature, but it will be more effectiveif the link directs people to a personal blog or even onlinenewsletter. If you can think of a gripping teaser you will getmore click through traffic simply because people will want toknow more about the story. Do not disappoint your visitors, butinstead deliver a gripping tale or blog entry. By the way, youalso ought to update your signature on a regular basis to keepit fresh and keep the clicks coming. Link it to a new andgripping story each time, so when you change your signature tofeature the next article, those who know you will come and look.

5. Last but not least, keep your postings relevant. Do not postlengthy wellness product reviews in a gardening forum.Similarly, do not post an explanation on how to lose weight in aforum dedicated to childhood diseases and autism. Two big forum"Thou Shalt Nots" are incorporated in this approach: "Thou shaltnot post a tediously lengthy posting" and "Thou shalt not postthy home business income opportunity pitch on an inappropriatevenue." Only post in forums that are somehow related to yourbusiness. Contribute something that is genuinely useful to thethread. Keep the posts short, simple, but avoid obviouslink-building stunts like posts that just say "Thanks!" or "Iagree" – they contribute nothing to the thread. Keep your postspositive, to-the-point and on topic especially when you discussyour product, and you won't get accused of spamming the forum.

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