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Article Marketing

Article Marketing

Article Marketing: How to Build an EMPIRE Writing Five Articles a Month

Article Marketing: How to Build an EMPIRE Writing Five Articles a MonthDo you offer a truly brilliant product or service? Do youwish you had more leads to sell it to? Do you need todrive more revenue so you have cash on hand to spend onimplementing better and better ideas, or to bring onadditional staff?

If you are answering “yes&# 8221; to these questions,YOU NEED A MORE EXCEPTIONAL ONLINE PRESENCE THROUGH ARTICLE MARKETING!With so much business and research being done on theinternet these days, you absolutely have to be found there,and found at least a hundred different ways. Anything lessand you are missing out on TONS of business that you couldbe creating! Do you have any idea how much more revenueyou could be generating if you took the time to craft awell written article marketing campaign?

I’m telling you it’s millions!
Let me show youhow…For the purpose of this article, we will already assumethat your website does an exceptional job of describing thepain of your customers (what are they looking for?),presenting your credentials (to help the visitor see whyyou are qualified to solve their problems), and providingthe solutions to your customer’ s everyday problems.We’ll assume that it is filled with calls to action(provocative statements intended to poke the visitor intodoing something) and opt-in opportunities (ways for you tocollect visitor’ s contact info).

If your website does not yet include all of these elementsaddress these issues first!
If it does, READ ON AND LET’S DISCUSS THE POWER OF ARTICLE MARKETING.When people have a question, they go to Google, Yahoo orMSN and they type in a list of keywords or keyword phrases.The words they type determine the list that comes up onthe search engines and it is there that magic can happen. YOUR WORDS CAN APPEAR! Are they up there now?

TIME OUT: Go to a search engine and type in the keywordssomeone might use if they were looking for someone to solvethe problem that your business solves. Do you come up asthe solution? Do you come up in the organic list? Do youcome up multiple times? If not, keep reading!

YOU NEED ARTICLES OUT THERE DOING YOUR WORK FOR YOU!When someone is looking for a business like yours, doesyour voice ring out from the heavens, providing guidance,words of wisdom, and words of inspiration? Does Googlebring them to your front door and invite them in to lookaround?

Articles are like little sales people, and brilliantly,they are little sales people that you only have to hire onetime to work for you FOREVER. Let me say that again,because you probably didn’t hear me. Articles workfor you FOREVER. F-O-R-E-V-E- R.

The reason I emphasize this is because of the power of article marketing. Every time you put together an articleand send it out onto the internet, you are putting in placea sales person that will forever deliver your message. Dothat again and again and you are putting out a SALES FORCE—each of which you pay only once!WRITE ARTICLE, SUBMIT ARTICLE, REPEAT.WRITE ARTICLE, SUBMIT ARTICLE, REPEAT.WRITE ARTICLE, SUBMIT ARTICLE REPEAT.

Like the law of compounding interest with money —repeatedly putting out articles onto the internet willexponentially create value and generate more and more leadsfor your business. If you can commit to five articles permonth, at the end of three months, you’ll haveFIFTEEN (15) sales people talking your talk and introducingsearchers to your message and your SOLUTION to theirproblem. After six months, you’ve got thirty (30) ofthese sales people. At the end of one year, you’llhave sixty (60). After two years, you’ll have ONEHUNDRED AND TWENTY, and…

After three years, YOU’LL HAVE NEARLY 200 SALESPEOPLE delivering different and exceptional messages aboutyour business.And the most wonderful thing, is that they are all littlereplicas of you. So they are consistent. They deliverdifferent messages, present different solutions, coverdifferent topics, but they all express your uniquemethodology and the core values and spirit of YOUR business.

If you submit five articles per month, and generate $30,000per month in revenue, after three years, and one hundredand eighty articles you have the potential of driving$360,000 of monthly revenue. Yes, I said MONTHLY revenue. That’s more than 4 MILLION in annual revenue. Areyou kidding me?So why aren’t more people utilizing article marketing? The answer is — they are. But they arewriting terrible articles!!!! ! And they are killing theirbusinesses, because each article they are sending out isdoing BAD business for them, and doing it FOREVER!


Here are five things your article marketing MUST do! (Areyou taking notes?)

1. IT MUST HAVE A CATCHY TITLE OR NO ONE WILL READ IT!We are a snippet society. We read everything in headlinesfrom newspaper stories, to search headlines, to booktitles. Titles grab us or they don’t. Make surethat yours is clever, provides the solution to thereader’ s problem, and utilizes your keywords!

2. YOUR OPENING PARAGRAPH NEEDS TO HIGHLIGHT THEREADER’ S PAIN.Look at the first paragraph of this article. Did it drawyou in? Did it help you to determine that this article hadvalue? Make the opening emotionally impacting by grabbingthe reader’ s attention and identifying with theirPAIN!

3. YOUR ARTICLE MARKETING MUST DELIVER VALUE.It must offer them a solution to their problem. GIVE AWAYYOUR SECRETS! Don’t be afraid to give your readerwhat they need for FREE. Chances are they are going torecognize that they would rather work with an expert thantry to solve this problem on their own. Give someone afish and they have dinner tonight. Teach them to fish andthey can feed themselves forever. But open a grocery storedown the street and chances are, they’ll buy the fishfrom you. People only have so much time in their days andif they find a trustworthy source that can make their lifeeasier or their business more profitable, they are going totake you up on it!

4. YOU MUST USE YOUR KEYWORDS WITHIN YOUR TEXT.The search engines are going to identify each article bythe words within it. So you have to be thinking about howpeople are going to find you. What words are they going touse in their searching? There are so many resources on thenet that can help you determine the right keywords. Findone and use it. Then repeat those words throughout yourarticle (just shy of being irritating about overusing them)and you’ll find greater success!

5. LASTLY, YOUR ARTICLE MARKETING MUST PROVIDE A CALL TOACTION.Lead the reader to do something. Whether it be to downloadyour eBook, call you directly, or click onto your website. Typically, you want to lead them to the next thing they canget for FREE. People like FREE. So lead them to yourwebsite, where they can download an eBook that solves thissame problem but in more depth, or better yet, offer them aFREE strategy session if they contact you by email. Makeit easy for them, like “Hey, I’ll even have myassistant set up a time for me to talk to you directly for20 minutes about ways you can build your business based onthese principles. FREE.”

Wishing you the best in business and the best in life.

About the Author:Corey Blake the co-author of "EDGE! A Leadership Story"(Morgan James, 2008), is President of Writers of the RoundTable, Inc., a strategic literary development company.Visit us at or emailme right now: . Tell meyou want 20 minutes of my time to discuss how we can helpyou set up an article creation program that DRIVES YOUREVENUE!

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