Monday, December 3, 2007

4 Internet Home Based Business Tips

Did you know that over 90% of all internet home based businesses will fail? What this means to you is this is going to be hard to succeed with.

The first problem starts, because you do not know what you do not know. You're going to have to learn things like e-mail marketing, how to use an autoresponder, search engine optimization, how to blog, and how to build a website. Then there is what products are you going to sell, how much you going to price it for, what his affiliate marketing, what is network marketing, and on and on we go.

Here's another thing is going to happen. You're going to realize that you need help. So you'll begin to read training manuals to watch videos on the Internet to go and dial up a webinar etc. etc.

In the meantime, you still have to try to make money. You suffer with all of the emails you have to reply to. You still have to go to forums and hang out learn there as well and maybe do some marketing there. You have articles to write and submit to article directories and post them in your blog.

Plus I have not even mentioned things like private label rights resell rights. Other things to do are creating your own product, writing an e-book, doing a joint venture and these type of things.

So here are 4 suggestions to help your internet home based business be successful and easy to operate.

1. Become a marketing spy. If you have a website and it is in the niche of cooking then go look at other cooking websites and see what they're doing to be successful. There is no sense reinventing the wheel. When you can just make a few tweaks and a few changes and personalize it to your own liking you can make more money faster.

2. Automate your business. Start a WordPress blog, add a sign up form to it, and join a quality autoresponder like Aweber.

3. Spend your time on promoting your business. Busy work has killed more Internet businesses than almost anything else. By busy work, I mean looking at your stats to see if you made a dollar in Google ad sense, or checking your e-mail every 5 minutes.

And looking at your affiliate program stats, to reading the same discussion forum post over and over. These are not things that are going to help your internet home based business succeed.

4. The last thing I want to mention is have fun. Running an Internet business from home is a lot of fun once you start to get good at it. What really makes it fun is when you do start to make money. If you have your own product you can keep all of the profits, and that is really fun.

In conclusion, hopefully these 4 Internet home based business tips will help you get off on the right foot, help you make money faster, and have more fun doing it.

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